HIV Infection Linked To High Drug Overdose Risk

Drug users who are infected with HIV are 74 percent more likely to experience drug overdose, a recent study suggests. Researcher Traci Green, Ph.D. says factors contributing to the increased risk may include poorer physical health, poverty and poor access to medication-assisted therapy to treat opioid dependence. Green points out that drug treatment with methadone or buprenorphine (Suboxone) has been shown to protect against fatal … Read More

Vivitrol: Half Heroin-Free for Full Year of Treatment Study

New research suggests that Vivitrol is an effective long-term treatment for addiction to heroin or prescription pain killers. Half of all Vivitrol patients in a recent drug treatment study remained opiate-free for the entire one-year study. Vivitrol is a medication used to treat addiction to heroin and prescription pain killers.  The non-narcotic medication blocks the effects of heroin or other opiates. … Read More

Methadone Blunts Mood Swings That Could Trigger Relapse

Methadone moderates emotional responses including elation and depression says a new study reported in the science journal Addiction. “Easy Does It” is a common recovery mantra.  Emotional stability is especially important for people in early recovery.  Both emotional highs and lows can contribute to relapse. For people who are addicted to heroin or other opiates, methadone treatment may support recovery by … Read More

Happiness 101: Random Acts of Kindness

You may have heard about the benefits of committing random acts of kindness.  The benefits are very real and very concrete. This works for people who are currently using, people who are in early recovery, people who are in long term recovery, and family members.  So try it yourself and suggest it to those who are close to you. Helping others … Read More

Mom Wonders: Is My Son’s Arrest A Good Thing?

Will your son’s arrest ultimately turn out to be a good thing?  Not likely. I certainly understand how a mother could feel a sense of relief when her son is arrested.  Even her son may feel a certain sense of relief. Finally something might actually derail the runaway train.  But what about the train wreck that follows? For the last … Read More

Typical (Non-) Addict Thinking That Makes Me Sick

Spending time every day working in the community with people who are living with opiate addiction, I see a lot and hear a lot.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard everyone from probation officers to drug treatment providers to doctors refer to “typical addicts” and so-called “typical addict thinking.” Talk like that reveals to me that the speaker … Read More

Devil’s Dictionary

In the world of addiction and recovery, words matter.  Sometimes, people literally live or die because of the power of words. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the power of words in the lives of people living with addiction.  And over time, I’ve developed what I call The Devil’s Dictionary of Addiction & Recovery Terms.  These are words or … Read More

Tough Love Delays Recovery For Heroin Addicts

Tough love delays recovery for people living with addiction to heroin or prescription pain killers like Vicodin or OxyContin. Tough Love Defined Tough love is a term used to describe dysfunctional behaviors by parents that are intended to help the addicted son or daughter, but instead cause harm by perpetuating the addiction. I realize that this is not the standard definition … Read More

Suboxone Treatment Cuts Crime, Incarceration

Suboxone is incarceration prevention in a bottle. A wonderful “side effect” of Suboxone treatment is that it helps keep people out of trouble and out of jail. Suboxone treatment is associated with big drops in criminal activity and incarceration, a recent study shows. Only 2 percent of opiate-dependent people treated with Suboxone reported committing crimes as compared to 19 percent of those … Read More

50 Surveys Now Complete, Thank You Moms!

We’ve reached our target number of 50 surveys completed in the Recovery Moms Survey 2011. I’ll be crunching the numbers and sharing the survey results with you later this month. Thank you Moms! Tom