Private Recovery Consulting

Recovery Helpdesk is a place to get information about living with and learning to overcome addiction to opiates.  Information can change lives.

But I understand that sometimes people need more help than they can get off the page of a book or blog or website.   Sometimes you need somebody you can talk to privately who has specialized knowledge, education, experience and expertise.

Some in the Recovery Helpdesk community have asked whether I do private consulting.  I’ve always answered that I do not.

The focus of my work as a program director at a large mental health and drug treatment agency is on providing one-on-one services to individuals.  I wanted to focus my online efforts on creating free content available to anyone with access to a computer.

Now, after more than a year spent creating free online content at, I’ve decided to accept a limited number of clients for private recovery consultation.

Here’s what you can expect:

As your recovery consultant, I will provide you with individualized education and coaching that is responsive to your needs.  I treat people with respect.  I respect each person’s right to make their own choices.  I will provide you with key information and guidance in thinking through your options so that you have everything you need to make your own best choices.

Most consultations take place via telephone.  I am also available to communicate via email or other electronic communication (or in person).

My target outcomes for those of you who love someone addicted to opiates:
  • You understand what it means to have a healthy helping relationship
  • You understand that you don’t have to watch in horror as you wait for your loved one to “hit bottom”
  • You have the confidence to both maintain healthy boundaries and provide appropriate supports
  • You are informed, skilled and effective in supporting your loved one in their path to recovery
  • You are able to both avoid getting dragged down by your struggling loved one AND able to help lift your loved one up
  • You are able to offer your loved one the healing power of healthy love and support
My target outcomes for those of you who are living with addiction to opiates
  • You understand how people change and what that means for your recovery
  • You have the information you need to have a safe recovery
  • You understand all of your treatment options (including the option to choose not to participate in formal treatment)
  • You have the information you need to make informed decisions about your path to recovery
  • You have someone to talk to that can help you recognize barriers to recovery and coach you through overcoming those barriers

You can choose to schedule services in the way that works best for you.  Some people may want a one-time session.  Others may want weekly sessions.  Others may prefer to schedule a session occasionally, as needed.  Consultation fees are due and payable in advance at a rate of $150 per one hour session.

If you would like my help as your private recovery consultant, please contact me at the email address listed below.

Thanks, Tom