Painkiller Overdose Prevention
  • ODs are common & some are fatal
  • simple steps can reduce the risk
  • reversible if caught early (call 911)
Overdose happens most when:
  • just out of jail or rehab
  • mixing drugs (using opiates like heroin or Oxycontin with alcohol, or with benzos like Xanax, Klonopin or Valium)
  • using drugs of unknown strength (heroin)
  • using methadone or fentanyl to get high
If you use, use carefully:
  • be aware of when you are most at risk (tolerance is low)
  • take control of your use (time, place, companions, drugs)
  • don’t use alone & make an OD plan with friends
  • “taste” drugs of unknown strength before you use a larger dose
  • learn rescue breathing
Painkiller Overdose Rescue
Overdose symptoms include:
  • can’t keep awake or passed out
  • hardly breathing or not breathing
  • weak or no pulse or heartbeat
  • skin is pale
  • lips turn blue
  • choking, snoring or gurgling sounds
  • throwing up
  • call 911 immediately
  • 911 will send an ambulance and EMTS will have Narcan which can reverse an opiate/opioid overdose in progress
  • stay with them, be there for them
  • unlock the door, help EMTs find you
  • keep their airway clear
  • put them in a position that will avoid choking if they vomit
  • breath for them if they stop
  • try to keep them awake (but don’t let them fall)
  • inject them with Narcan (naloxone) if available
  • don’t leave them
  • don’t give them more/other drugs
  • don’t inject them with anything other than Narcan (naloxone)
  • don’t leave them alone after a Narcan shot because Narcan wears off more quickly than opiates and the overdose may resume (may need another Narcan shot)
  • don’t let them get too hot or cold
  • don’t put them in a bathtub of water (may put them into shock, risk of drowning)
  • don’t let them fall
  • don’t wait until it is too late to call 911
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