Swansea Love Story is a new UK documentary about the lives of young heroin addicts living in the city of South Wales.

Part One of the six-part film was released today.  It runs a little under seven minutes, and is available to view online here.

The other episodes will be released over the next seven days.

“I wanted to make this film because we were tired of seeing homeless young people being portrayed as little more than statistics. Documentaries about drug use often come out pious and fail to really get to know the people behind the drug usage. We wanted to show what it was like to live on the street, under the grip of heroin, as realistically as possible,” said one of the film’s creators, Andy Capper.

Filmed in 2009, the documentary follows Amy & Cornelius, Lee and Leanne, Clint, Kristian and Wills around their daily lives as they struggle to get money to buy drugs, alcohol and for places to live.

According to the filmmakers, characters get clean and relapse. They fall in and out of love.

We meet their families. We meet their dealers.

I’m curious to see how the filmmakers handled their subject.

If you watch, leave a comment and share your opinion about the film.

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